How to Determine Your Articles Search Engine Page Ranking

This article will give you steps on how you can find where your articles are located on the search engine page ranking.Knowing where your articles are located within the search engine page ranking is very crucial. The higher you can get your articles on the search engines, the more people that will see your article. This will help you in tweaking your articles to get it higher on the search page. Below are the steps to take on how to determine your articles search engine page ranking.

Visit the web address . This website offers a free SERP download, which is a tool that you can enter your articles URL and it will search the search engines and find your article and tell you where is located on the search engine page.

Once on the page, scroll down below the SERP finder box and you will see “download SERP finder tool”, click download now. The file will download in a zip form. When the file has finished downloading, take the proper steps to install the SERP finder. Once installed, The box will pop up with a place to put your URL and a place to put your search query. I always put the title of my article for the search query. Hit submit and if your article is listed on the search engines, it will tell you exactly where it is located and take you to that search page. The direct link is below.

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