How to Buy An Automated Income Website Online

This guide will show you where you can find websites that you can buy that will guarantee you a monthly income.

Buying a website always takes a great deal of research. Chances are, you are interested in buying an established website. There are plenty of auction websites online where you can find websites that are for sale. If you find a site you are interested in, make sure that you contact the seller for all pertinant information.

If you are sure you’d like to get into the website business, the first place you should start checking out is It is the most respected auction house for people looking to buy/sell websites, domain names, services, and other website related items.

Search the established and premium websites sections until you find a site that interests you. Make sure that it interests you and is not just something you’ll need to update every day. People that aren’t interested in their work tend to get much less done. Communicate with the seller of the site and get all the answers you need. Find out how much they spend on advertising, how much work is involved, and make sure you get proof of profits/revenue.

Things you should find out before buying your website include its monthly income, monthly expenses, hosting or server costs, Alexa and Google ranking, and whether or not the seller has complete control and ownership of the website to give up. Form a relationship with the seller and get all this information. Most auctions run for quite some time, so you can easily get all this information prior to the sale.

Always weigh in certain aspects like how much time the website will consume, and its profit after expenses before you buy. Don’t get surprised if you spring into buying a website only to find out that it doesn’t make the money you expect, or you don’t have enough time to run it. Do your research.

Once you have decided to buy, ask the seller if they would be willing to help you transfer the website to a new host or if you can keep the old host. Most sellers will be more than happy to help you get everything working, and some may even help you out for the first week/month. Good luck with your websites!

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