Black Friday 2014 – Namecheap domains 0.98$ .com/net/org/club and more!

Finally, information about Black Friday 2014 from Namecheap is revealed officially. This can be said that the biggest promotion this year, register or transfer domain with many type just only from 0.98usd/year and there are many other promotion.

This time Namecheap will offer many promotion program spread out from Black Friday 28.11.2014 until Cyber Monday 1.12.2014, the details is:

.club registration $0.98 (first year)
Private Email Business package $0.98 (first year)
Value plan shared hosting $0.98 (first year)
.com/.net/.org transfer $0.98 (one year)
3 months of Reseller hosting $0.98
.com/.net/.org registration $0.98 (first year)
Comodo PositiveSSL $0.98 (first year)
“Lucky dip” dedicated server $48.88/mo., while supplies last
.website registration $0.98 (first year)
Black Friday only: .io registration $19.88 (first year)

*All apply for the first year only

As you can see, there are many promotion, the highlight is register/transfer domain .com .net .org and shared hosting only $0.98. The promotion program will be changed base on the hour, only 1 promotion at a time so you need to update gradually.

The promotion runs 12:01am to 11:59pm EST Friday Nov. 28, 2014 and 12:01am to 11:59pm EST Monday Dec. 1, 2014.

As an added bonus, you can maximize your Bitcoins on Black Friday. Friday Nov. 28 only, whenever you add 0.1 Bitcoin to your Namecheap account we’ll include a bonus — an extra 20% midnight to 2am, 15% 2am to 6am, 10% 6am to 11:59pm. Visit for more info.

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