The best way to optimizate your wordpress blog post

Often we observe that beginners install and activate the SEO plugins, but they never ever utilize it properly. We asked some of our users about it, and their response was “I didn’t know that I was suppose to be doing this”. Yes, we are talking about Search Engine Optimization meta data such as title and meta description. By utilizing SEO functions properly for each post, you can certainly improve your search rankings. There clearly was a complete deal that is great are able to do to optimize your blog posts, for them to perform better in search results. In this WordPress SEO tip for beginners, we shall show you exactly how to properly use SEO functions in WordPress posts.

We use WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast to optimize our blog posts. Therefore, all screenshots will reflect that.


Selecting a Focus Keyword
A focus keyword is the keyword that is main you are hoping people will search for and discover your post. Then chances are which you will be competing with many other established and reputable publications for popular keywords if the blog is in a competitive niche. In such situation, you can get increased traffic that is organic using long end keywords. Always remember that the market is humans not search-engines. People don’t just kind one keyword in search-engines, they use phrases. Your focus keyword can be a phrase.

WordPress SEO by Yoast allows you to choose a focus keyword for your posts that are specific. It also makes it possible to find keywords that are similar you type your focus keyword.


Once you have chosen a focus keyword for your post, WordPress SEO will show you the way times that are many purchased the keyword in different areas of your post.


Writing a Good SEO-Friendly Post Title


a search engine optimisation that is great post title is human readable, contains your focus keyword and is within the 70 characters restrict. However, it also requires to be catchy. When your page appears within the search results, a user shall decide whether or otherwise not they would like to click on it based on the SEO name and the description within the search snippet. The description part may change as search machines show the absolute component that is most that is relevant of article as the description. But the true name shall remain the exact same. Make sure that your SEO title describes exactly what people will get when they clicked on the link. And finally, simplify your name, rather than using “A Comparison between Categories and Tags From SEO point of view” or thoughts that are“My Categories and Tags” try something like “Categories vs. Tags – SEO Best methods for Sorting your Content”. This name is not only catchy, it also provides the keywords which can be individuals that are right be searching for.

Post SEO Meta Description
Some SEO specialists believe that Meta description tag on a page that is full become irrelevant. However, many other people would disagree. At WPBeginner, we recommend using description that is meta most of your posts. A meta that is good can explain a lot more about a write-up. Meta Description is also shown in social news web sites like Facebook, Google+, and in Twitter via Twitter Cards.

Since now you realize that people are going to be reading your meta descriptions, you need to make yes that it’s helpful. You also want to make sure that you at the least mention your focus keyword in the meta description for search purposes. The smoothness limit for Meta Description is 155 characters. Attempt to stay within that limit or your meta description will probably be truncated after 155 characters. Make an effort to use your focus keyword earlier in the meta description rather than later.

Categories and Tags

sorting your content

Categories and tags help you sort your content not just for the reader, however for yourself also search engines. Earlier a guide has been written by us that is detailed how to use Categories and Tags in WordPress. Consider your website as a book. Groups are the table of content, and tags would be the index part of the book.

Make Internal Linking A Habit
That you would want individuals to read after you have blogged for a while, you shall have enough content. With internal linking you can send readers that are new check out your older ideal articles. Internal linking is a way that is powerful develop context in the middle of your new and old posts thus passing link juice that is relevant. WordPress allows you to search for your posts which are old within the post editor. Press the hyperlink key in your post editor and then click on “Or link to” that is content is existing. This will open a search box. Look for older posts as you type that you want to url to and it will show the results. Select the post you want to link and press Add link button.


Each post you publish on your website has the potential to increase your search engine traffic. By the addition of meta data to your articles, writing headlines that are good and linking that is cross your older articles, you will quickly begin noticing an increase in your search traffic. We hope that this WordPress was found by you SEO tip for newbies helpful. Tell us, what you’re doing to optimize your WordPress blog posts?

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