Actively Posting On Your Blog Increases Search Visits

We run quite a few blogs and it’s sometimes very difficult to update all of them with fresh & engaging content. In fact it becomes boring and an effort after a while. However, Google loves fresh content and if you stop updating your blog with fresh content then your homepage becomes full of stale content that will wither away and won’t be seen past the first page of the SERPs.

Our advice in this article is to continually create new content. And, We don’t mean creating content for the sake of it. Create content because you love writing about a particular subject. When you write about something that you’re interested in, then you become better at writing for that subject. You’ll also need to learn to market any content that you create. Don’t just think that your so-called amazing content will suddenly rank high because it is beautifully written, that’s just not how Google works. Take a look at the following to see what I did to increase my organic search visits by 20% for one of the blogs that I own.

Better Strategies When Creating Content

Around the 26th of December, 2013 We took annual leave from work and We started updating a blog that I had not updated in quite a while. It was averaging around 20 visits per day and now it averages around 200 visits per day. You might be questioning as to where all that traffic was coming from. Admittedly, a lot of that traffic was referral traffic, but We also noticed a 20% increase in organic search (mainly from Google) when I started posting a lot more. Now, great content is just half the battle. You also have to market the content that you create, which is something that a lot of bloggers forget about. You need to post your content on social submission sites such as Reddit & StumbleUpon in the most relevant sections. With this method I have managed to increase daily visits to one of my blogs!

Sure, Reddit and StumbleUpon aren’t the only media you can use. However, these two options are very safe options. Google will not penalise you for this, and you are gaining exposure. You’re right in thinking that your website won’t increase in rankings due to this, but your referral traffic will increase. If your referral traffic increases then you have more people going to your website. When more people visit your site, the chance of someone linking to your content is greatly improved. It’s really very simple. You just have to do a lot of leg work (or finger work in this case) in order to get anywhere with the content you are creating.

This is my formula for now:

Content Creation + Promotion = Success

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