7 Tips to Start Writing Content Like Crazy and Never Worry about Content Again

If you are a website owner or a blogger, the biggest problem that you may face is perhaps about how you can constantly update your website with content. Yes, creating content is not easy, even for those who already have good experience with it. Here are 7 tips to start writing content like crazy and never worry about content again:


1. Keep reading

Keep your mind fresh with new information every day. Reading other blogs and websites will help you generate idea for your next content. And by reading a lot, you will pop many ideas in your head, ready to be executed. Just don’t be lazy to execute your own ideas into writing.

2. Take a note

What a usual blogger lacks is a content idea. This is what makes him to have a difficulty to write the next blog post. That’s why it will be good for you to take a note for your ideas. Have a notepad ready every time. When there is new idea popping in your head, write it before you forget about it.

3. Write the first paragraph

If you feel lazy to write your content, just write the first paragraph and see what happen. Usually, by just writing the first paragraph, you will have the drive to finish your content. Most people avoid writing altogether when they don’t want to write. But, when you write the first paragraph, suddenly your mind is racing to complete the content.

4. Go to forums and post

Going to forums related to your website will help to keep your mind fresh with ideas. And posting on those forums will help your mind to start flowing again. If you feel stuck in writing, try to post at least 20 posts in some forums related to your niche. You will feel the urge to write content once you do this.

5. Keep your workplace simple

Sometimes, clutters can cloud your mind. Cluttered workspace will make you feel lazy to write. That’s why it is important for you to declutter your workspace and make it simple. This is not just a usual productivity tip told by many self-help gurus. It will really help you in your writing.

6. Write about things that you enjoy

Write about what you want to write. Writing about something you enjoy will increase your writing speed because the flow of inspiration will be maximal. When you write about things that you do not enjoy, you will tend to get stuck. Even if you can write some paragraphs, it might not come as good as when you write something that you enjoy.

7. Write before you do any other things

Write some paragraphs after you wake up so that you will keep your writing flow day by day. It is difficult to start writing when you stop writing completely. Also, when you distract yourself with unnecessary activities in the morning, you will tend to procrastinate on your writing. It is important to write first, and do the other things later.

Those tips will help you to avoid worrying about content again.

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